The University of Dar es Salaam (School of Law) in a collaboration with the Law School of Tanzania, The East Africa Human Rights Institute have designed Continued Legal and Human Rights Education programs (short courses) to Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) focusing on various areas of human rights and access to justice. Specific Modules are designed based on the needs from the practice and founded on the interest of sponsors.

This first Module on legal aid provision will be offered to HRDs operating in Dar es Salaam, Coastal and Tanga Regions (East Coast Zone) to be followed by Zanzibar Zone and Lake Zone (Mwanza, Mara and Simiyu) under sponsorship of Tanzania Human Rights Defenders (THRDC).This program has been designed to empower HRDs working on legal aid services on various aspects pertaining to legal aid provisions including regulatory frameworks governing legal id provision, legal and practical aspects of paralegal works in Tanzania, HRDs ethics and mandates to provide legal aid in Tanzania. This short course will also provide a space for participants to discuss and chat out various challenges affecting their operations as well as chatting the best way to improve and sustain legal services across the country. This first Module (CLHRE) is partially sponsored by the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition

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