THRDC Zanzibar Branch

The Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) Zanzibar Branch is a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of human rights defenders (HRDs) in Zanzibar. Registered under the Society Act No.6 of 1995, governed by the Board of Trustees and operated by the Zanzibar National Coordinator.  As an extension of the larger THRDC headquartered in Dar es Salaam, the Zanzibar Branch is committed to fostering a safe and enabling environment for HRDs across the islands of Unguja and Pemba. The Zanzibar Branch comprises over 60 member organizations actively engaged in defending human rights across various thematic areas, including education, health, gender equality, social inclusion, legal aid, and access to justice.
THRDC-Zanzibar is strategically positioned to make a significant impact on human rights in the region. With established relationships with government institutions, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, the organization fosters collaboration and cooperation in human rights protection. THRDC - Zanzibar maintains a strong grassroots presence through zonal coordinating units in Unguja and Pemba, THRDC-Zanzibar remains deeply connected to the communities it serves, understanding their unique challenges and needs. The organization's comprehensive approach includes capacity building, emergency support, legal aid, advocacy, and public awareness initiatives, addressing HRD protection holistically.
Furthermore, THRDC-Zanzibar actively engages with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, advocating for policy and legal reforms that protect HRDs and promote a conducive environment for their work. To ensure cohesive and coordinated efforts, THRDC-Zanzibar boasts partnerships with rule of law bodies and authorities, media outlets, and academic institutions such as Zanzibar Law School, Zanzibar University, and Zanzibar Bar Association. These partnerships allow the organization to effectively address the specific challenges faced by human rights defenders and marginalized groups in Zanzibar, ensuring that the programmatic initiatives are contextually appropriate and impactful.

A free and secure working environment for Human Rights Defenders operating in Zanzibar.
To contribute to the improved respect, protection, and recognition of HRDs operating in Zanzibar through empowerment, emergency, and legal aid support to HRDs, and engagement at relevant grassroots, National, Regional, and International levels.
To contribute to the growth of civic space in which Human Rights Defenders’ working environment is improved and secured in Zanzibar.
To build the capacity of HRDs in human rights protection and equip them with tools to mitigate their risks.
To provide emergency and legal aid support to HRDs in Zanzibar.
To advocate for the recognition of HRDs and the work that they do in Zanzibar.