The THRDC is a non-governmental, non-partisan human rights organization that is registered under the Non-Governmental Act of 2002. THRDs-Coalition is comprised of both individual and organizational memberships, whereby as of now The Coalition has 150 members who are basically human rights defenders NGOs, individual HRDS in Tanzania (HRDs). Its membership and representation in terms of operation are spread (through designated zone offices/ coordination) all over the United Republic of Tanzania (Mainland and Zanzibar), the main interest of this Coalition is to, inter alia, work towards enhanced security and protection of HRDs in the United Republic of Tanzania.

It also intends to strengthen regional and international interventions to protect and promote the rights and responsibilities of HRDs. The ultimate result of all these, as this Coalition visualizes is to contribute towards the creation of a safer working environment for HRDs. The Coalition has been and still intends to work closely with different stakeholders including local, regional, and international HRDs organizations; individual HRDs; development partners; United Nations; duty bearers, and other relevant stakeholders.


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