The Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) was incepted in 2010 at the time when incidents of human rights violations were relatively high in Tanzania. During this time, there were already human rights organizations (HRO), most of which are current members of THRDC. There were also HROs’ networks operated at national, regional and district levels. Despite their efforts and notable results towards human rights protection and promotion, still, none of these organizations had a direct intervention on human rights defenders (HRDs).

Organisation overview

As the threats to HRDs were coming more open and real, a need for HRO which will specifically address the rights of HRDs emerged. Around fourteen (14) HROs decided to form a loose network in 2010. The aim of the network was to have a common voice on HRDs’ issues and matters. Two years later (2012) the network transformed itself into THRDC as a registered organization under the laws of Tanzania. The regislation gives this Coalition a mandate and justification to operate as a legal entity.

The registration of THRDC marked a beginning of HRDs’ rights’ struggles and protection in Tanzania.Unlike other HROs including networks ... Read More


The mandate of the THRD-Coalition is to protect, empower and support human rights defenders in Tanzania.


The Coalition strives to maximize the protection, respect and recognition of HRDs in Tanzania through, protection, capacity buildi... Read More


The Coalition envisages a free and secured working environment for Human Rights Defenders in Tanzania.


The promotion of deep respect and empathy for defenders and acting in a very responsive, rapid, flexible manner.