THRDC was delighted to hold a meeting with the delegation of The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission) on 23rd January 2023 in Arusha. 

Amongst the Agenda was to discuss the human rights situation in the country. 

The African Commission was in its Promotion Mission to the United Republic of Tanzania, which took place from 23rd to 27th January 2023.

The Commission’s Delegation was composed of Honourable Commissioner Hon. Ourveena Geereesha Topsy-Sonoo, the Commissioner Rapporteur for the Human Rights Situation in the United Republic of Tanzania, and the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information; and Honourable Commissioner Dr Litha Musymi-Ogana, the Chairperson of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities and Minorities in Africa.

From THRDC, Mr. Onesmo Olengurumwa-National Coordinator,

Mr. Paul Kisabo-Protection Officer and

Ms. Nuru Maro - Advocacy Officer represented the Coalition.