Lisa Kagaruki

Ms Lisa Filbert Kagaruki is THRDC’s Head of Members Affairs and Protection Officer (Research and Documentation). Ms Lisa started working with the Coalition in the year 2018 where she highly contributed to the solid growth of Watetezi TV Online channel.

Professionally, Ms Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking (BFB) from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha – 2016 (IAA) and a Certificate in Professional Banking Level 1 Complete (2017). Lisa also holds a Diploma in Security and Protection Management for Human Rights Defenders and Social Organizations offered by Protection International in 2019 and has been able to take part in several professional training courses including A course on Inequality in Southern Africa.

As the Coalition’s Head of Department and Protection Officer, she manages to oversee the members desk by ensuring a good linkage between members and the Coalition and encouraging them in their works of defending human rights. Lisa also does several kinds of research under the coordination of THRDC and develops publications that increase awareness to the Coalition’s members and the public in general on several matters of human rights in Tanzania.

Lisa finds great pride in creating awareness among fellow HRDs, Human Rights Organizations and Youth in his community on child and gender rights. She works with fellow HRDs from a number of HRNGOs in East Africa; Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania.
Lisa Kagaruki desires to advocate for Gender and Child Rights in Africa
During the 26th-29th November 2018, Lisa attended Zinduka Academy and Zinduka Festival 2018 that was hosted in Nairobi-Kenya. It carried the main theme of “Building A Vibrant East African Women’s Movement” which showed us the current contribution of women to Leadership, Peace and Security, trade and extraction and gender-based violence. Since then, Defending Human Rights has never been a crime for her.
Apart from her extensive knowledge in Communication, Advocacy, Research & Information sharing, Lisa is also a skilled Physical security trainer, Photographer, Reporter and Videomaker.