Is executive Director of KOK foundation, member of THRDC based in Pemba-Zanzibar. As a member of THRDC, his organization focuses on harmonizing social welfare and human rights for vulnerable groups, including women, widows, children, orphans, and the elderly. His organization, KOK foundation, has been a committed member of THRDC since 2018, consistently fulfilling membership obligations.

Currently Mr. Said, he hold a dual role as an Assistant Lecturer and Gender Desk Coordinator at Zanzibar University since December 2022. His journey, including leadership roles in CHAKUWAZA and KOK Foundation, underscores his dedication to social justice and empowerment. He is eager to contribute his experience and dedication to THRDC's vital mission. He is a passionate social worker with a Master's degree in marginalized population specialization, embodying roles as a human rights activist, social change catalyst, and selfmade success. He is actively participated in seminars and workshops, covering areas like Human rights and leadership, underscores his commitment to continuous growth.