Protection and Legal Aid Program


Protection department which is under key result area number four of the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition deals with all issues pertained to the security of human rights defenders. It was established in 2013 after an assessment survey was conducted and realized that many human rights defenders were at risk and they knew nothing about how they could protect themselves let alone the fact that there were no protection mechanisms available by the time. The department, therefore, ensures self-protection mechanisms are in place and human rights defenders at risk are protected. It provides legal representation, medical and short term relocation support. As part of self-protection, it provides trainings and devises self-protection mechanisms such as the guidelines on self-protection mechanisms to HRDs. It is in this department where incidents of violations are recorded which then are used to issue Annual Situation Report of Human Rights Defenders in Tanzania.



The main objective of the protection department is to ensure HRDs’ security and protection mechanisms are strengthened.


To realize this broad objective, the following are the key outputs of this outcome;

  • HRDs’ self-protection guideline improved and used.
  • Emergence protection Fund is mobilized and being used to support emergence services.
  • Legal aid services (through legal empowerment approach) are provided to HRDs in need of it.
  • Referral mechanisms of HRDs’ survivors or victims of violations are operationalized.
  • Documentation of HRDs violations, fact finding missions and interventions improved.