Capacity Building and Empowerment Program

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The THRD-Coalition uses preventive measures such as security management training to create a more secured working environment for HRDs. Basing on the fact that a concept of protection and promotion of the rights of the HRDs is new in Tanzania, it is important that well-designed capacity building sessions be availed to the media and HRDs.

The Strategy is also to seek to protect individuals and groups by preventing violations from occurring, especially for those facing particular risks, ensuring accountability for violations that have occurred, and empowering HRDs to protect themselves.


The security management training is designed to cover matters on how to analyze the working environment, risk assessment, threat analysis, reaction to security incidents, digital security, and how to produce organizational security plans.

Generally, security training provides general knowledge and tools for understanding and improving HRDs security and protection. The Coalition train all HRDs on security management including journalists who are the most at risk HRDs

To achieve this aim two for the next five years, THRD-Coalition plans to work towards accomplishing the following OUTPUTS:

  • Existing and new human rights defenders are made aware of their rights and empowered to protect themselves.
  • The media practitioners are made empowered to protect themselves, monitor, and report human Rights abuses against HRDs
  • Human Rights Defenders are empowered on basic knowledge in financial management
  • Human Rights Defenders are empowered in modern human rights ideas, international human rights systems and mechanims as part of contunuing education for HRDs
  • Improving HRDs solidarity and networking both at National and International levels
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