Advocacy and Information Program


THRDC strives to create a more secured working environment for HRDs in Tanzania. The security management training both physical and digital are designed to cover a wide range of issues on how to analyze the working environment, risk assessment, threat analysis, reaction to security incidents, and how to produce organizational security approach.

Capacity building to media and HRDs is an ongoing process which enhances the abilities to these HRDs in the protection processes and in addressing their rights. THRDC in dealing with Outcome two actualizes it through training, training of the trainers, round table discussions, dialogues and seminars on various aspects of security management, human rights and their enforcement mechanisms. Due to the fact that media and HRDs are challenged through attacks and injuries and HRDs on issues of security management and risk assessment makes them confident in the promotion and protection of human rights generally.


For the better realization of this outcome, making sure that the media and HRDs capacity to effectively participate in the Human Rights Defenders’ protection processes and address their rights, THRDC implements various activities  with the aim to produce the following OUTPUTS;

  1. Human rights defenders are knowledgeable about specific HRDs’ rights and their responsibilities. 
  2. The media practitioners (mainstream and social) are empowered to protect themselves, monitor and report on human Rights abuses against HRDs.
  3. Human Rights Defenders are empowered in domestic legal, policy and regulatory framework related to HRDs, media and CSOs operations in Tanzania.
  4. Human Rights Defenders are empowered in modern human rights ideas, international human rights systems and mechanism as part of continuing education for HRDs.