The Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) condemn the unlawful arrest and
detention two journalists in Arusha Region. The two journalists; Kolumba Victor (Global Tv)
and Alphonce Kusaga (Tripple A Radio and Kusaga Online Tv) have been unlawfully arrested
today by the Police officers at Sakina area in Arusha and are currently being held at Arusha
Central Police Station.
The journalists have been arrested while interviewing citizens who reported to them an incident
of harassment and looting of their money which was done by the local security guards and one
Police officer at Sakina area in Arusha.
A human rights advocate under THRDC’s instruction is processing for their unconditional
release at the aforesaid Police station.
THRDC’s call
• THRDC urges Police officers to respect the right to work for the journalists.
Journalists have the right to seek information, such as interviewing victims of human
right violations.
• We urge the Police Force in Arusha to unconditionally release the two journalists.
Issued by
THRDC Communications Officer
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
24th February 2022