Since the formation of THRD-Coalition, coalition officers have developed a far-reaching five-year Strategic Plan aimed at educating, building on, and strengthening the effectiveness and capabilities of the dedicated people involved in the various areas of rights protection in the country. The plan identified four prime areas that will have the most significant impact on promoting and protecting human rights defenders (HDRs), and these have become the focus of an education and information strategy going forward.


Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition has more than 150 members from Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. These members are categorized under 11 Zones headed by Zonal coordinating units appointed by THRDC who reports to member’s affairs desk-THRDC.

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Basing on the fact that a concept of protection and promotion of the rights of the HRDs is new in Tanzania. It is important that well-designed capacity building sessions be availed to the media and HRDs.

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The Coalition conducts advocacy through networks focusing on and targeting particular audiences in order to gain support. These are human rights organizations and networks.

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THRD-Coalition continues to design its security management system in order to ensure that there is a coordinated set of principals and procedures and that they have adhered to the HRD formulae.

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The efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of any organization depend on – among other things – how it is organized internally and externally. And adherence to the principles of good governance is paramount.

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