Terms of reference Evaluation for the 10 years of operation for the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders’ Coalition

1. Introduction

Publication date: 28th of September 2021.

The Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) is a non-governmental, non- partisan and human rights organization established by human rights-focused organizations with the purpose to protect and promote the rights of human rights defenders in Tanzania. The Coalition strives to ensure better working environment and smooth operations of Tanzania’s HRDs. The coalition has active members from both the Mainland and Zanzibar (200). All these members across the country are by default human rights defenders THRDC has, through its members, a national representation. Also, through designated zonal coordinating units (ZCUs) in eleven geographical zones, the coalition, which strives to provide timely and effective protection, ensures that HRDs’ protection reach grassroots level.

Since its inception in 2012, THRDC has adopted two strategic plans. The first, five-year strategic plan (SP) was operational from 2013 to 2017. The second and current SP which is covering a five years’ period was adopted in 2018 and will end in 2022. In both phases the Coalition has been working in conjunction with various donors including Swedish Embassy in Tanzania, Wellspring Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Foundation for Civil Society, Finish Embassy, Danish Embassy, European Union, just to mention but a few. Under their support, the Coalition has conducted multiple interventions which have had significant impacts to HRDs. Those operations need to be unpacked. Therefore, THRDC is looking for a competent consultant to undertake the evaluation of the ten years Coalition operations to unpack its achievements, challenges, and the lessons learnt to effectively communicate to the public and for the future programs’ development.

2. Evaluation Objectives

2.1 Main Objective

To assess, analyze and document the Coalition’s 10 years operations performance, challenges, lessons learnt and recommend strategies to overcome the challenges in protecting and promoting HRDs rights.

2.1 Specific Objectives

  1. To assess the Coalition’s interventions performance for the past ten years of its operations
  2. To unpack and document key Coalition’s achievements for the past 10 years of its operations
  3. To extract the lessons learnt, document success stories and testimonies from the Coalition’s interventions for the future developments
  4. To document challenges and recommend best strategies to be adapted to suit future Coalition’s development.

3. Evaluation deliverables

Inception report: The Evaluator will prepare an inception report, detailing the evaluators understanding of the process and how the evaluation questions will be addressed including the evaluation plan.

Draft Evaluation report- The evaluator will prepare a draft evaluation report to be reviewed by the Secretariat and other stakeholders.

The final evaluation report accomodating recommendations from the Coalition’s secretariat and other stakeholders embodying the key success, lessons, challenges and the recommendation for future development.

4. Evaluation Scope

The evaluation scope will cover the 10 years of the Coalition’s operation from 2012 -2022. The evaluation shall cover all three outcome areas since the success of each is dependent on the success of the others. They are all both interdependent and interrelated. The evaluation will selectively capitalize on all regions where the Coalition is operating. As part of the evaluation process, it is also important that all types of human rights defenders’ beneficiaries are consulted and covered. The evaluator among other available resources will use/consult the 2013-2017 evaluation report and the 2018-2020 midterm evaluation report as source of information for this assignment. The evaluator will also employ the primary data collection methods to collect key information from the field. (Both qualitative and quantitative data are required)

Geographically- this study must cover both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. The survey should reach half of the Coalition’s members, a substantive number of the Coalition’s beneficiaries and partners.

5. Evaluation approach and method

The evaluator will be expected, in the tender, to propose an appropriate methodology to answer the evaluation questions. To ensure the evaluator has an opportunity to discuss the methodology with the intended users, the evaluator will be expected to plan for inception the phase where the evaluation design, methodology and methods for data collection and analysis are to be further developed. The final evaluation approach shall be documented in an inception report.

Given the situation with Covid-19, innovative and flexible approaches/methodologies and methods for remote data collection should be suggested when appropriate and manage any risks involved.

6. Time schedule

The assignment will take three months after signing the agreement. The timing of any field visits, surveys and interviews need to be settled by the evaluator in dialogue with the main stakeholders during the inception phase.

Interested consultants/firms must submit the following documents:

i. Technical proposal (maximum of 10 pages), which should include the following:

  1. a)  Proposed program and methodology to be used in carrying out the evaluation.
  2. b)  Assignment requirements understanding
  3. c)  Consultants experience in delivering a similar work (assignment sample).

ii. Financial proposal.

The Consultant shall present a budget, specified for the different components of the assignment as well as for the different staff categories. All costs shall be stated in TZS /USD.

iii. Current CV, maximum of 3 pages

The consultant shall specify the qualifications of each team member and attach their individual curriculum vitae (including name, address, education, professional experience). Reference persons (with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) should be stated.

7. Submission/ Tendering

Soft copies of the documents should be submitted to info@thrdc.or.tz, with a heading on the subject line “Coalition’s ten years operations evaluation” or delivered physically addressed to

The National Coordinator,
Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition,
P. O BOX 105926, Dar es Salaam.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further procedures. The deadline for applications is on the 15th of October 2021 at 17:00hrs.

NB: Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition is a free and fair entity, and therefore encourages all qualified candidates to apply. Women are highly encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

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