Economic rights encompass a range of rights, including the rights to self-determination, the right to work and labour rights and the right to an inadequate standard of living and the right to own property. The purpose of these rights is to ensure that every person has a minimal condition that enables living their lives in dignity. Economic rights are generally enshrined in the covenant of economic, social and cultural rights of (ICESCR) of 1977 and international laws such as ILO convention. In Tanzania  Natural Resources includes forest, rivers, minerals, lakes and wetlands, National parks  natural heritage recently incudes oil and gas these resources shall be used for the development of the people and eradication of poverty.


Haki madini

Kigoma Women Development (KIWODE) would like to thank THRDC Secretariat and management in general for every guide that the coalition gives us as an organization. We had a Certificate of Registration rules 1954 named Kigoma Women Development Group, but after your efficient guide, we were able to change this certificate. Our new name is Kigoma Women Development Organization under the certificate of registration from the ministry of community development, gender and children.

We are in rural areas and it’s hard for us to easily get informed. Thanks to THRDC for making it easy for us to receive information from all over the country through training and workshops.

Special Thanks goes to the National Coordinator of THRDC, Mr Onesmo Olengurumwa for his endless support to the KIWODE team. It wouldn’t have been possible without him.KIWODE team promises to work hand in hand in reaching society and performing its duties.

Sophia Patrick
Director - KIWODE, Human Rights