Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Today on 10th March 2020, the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) launched 6 of its Media research and policy documents including:

1) An Investigation Report on Increased Threats and Interference into Editorial Independence

2) A Compendium of Analyses of Media Related Laws in Tanzania

3) Gender in Media Policy

4) Challenging the Glass Ceiling: Study of Women in the Newsrooms in Tanzania

5) Do We Get Information?: Report of the Study on the Efficacy of the Access to Information Act (2016)

6) An Animated Swahili Version of the Access to Information Act (2016): ‘Haki ya Taarifa, Uwazi na Uwajibikaji kwa Raia – Sheria ya Haki ya Kupata Taarifa (2016)’

These 6 documents were launched today by H.E. Hon. Anders Sjöberg – Swedish Ambassador to Tanzania, at the Seashells Hotel – Millennium towers, Dar es Salaam.

In his keynote speech, H.E. Ambassador Sjöberg reiterated the dire media situation in which journalists are operating in Tanzania, and reminded media practitioners of their never-ending Watchdog role towards holding the government accountable.

Ambassador Sjöberg then went on to extend the Swedish Embassy’s welcome for joint collaboration with the Tanzanian government towards improving freedom of expression for a vibrant media and civic space in Tanzania.

In a Q&A Discussion session also held as part of the event this morning, some of the key points raised were:

a) The worryingly low number of gender-sensitive content aired in newsrooms in Tanzania. Mama Pili Mtambalike, a media veteran from among the audience argued that the reason for this is, the relatively few number of women working in the media industry. However, there is a reasonable number of gender-sensitive content being aired in newsrooms.

b) The need to improve MCT’s reports dissemination strategy to a rather scattered public. It was proposed that, the Council can opt to use public forums, radio broadcasts and online media to convey their messages from these documents to reach a rather wider general public.

c) Another important recommendation was the need for MCT to raise awareness among Journalists and Public Relations professionals on adherence to Media laws in Tanzania, but also providing legal education and interpretation of these laws to the public.

In the wind-up of the event, Mr. Kajubi Mukajanga – Executive Secretary of the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) assured invited guests that, MCT will still seek for additional inputs from its stakeholders in the coming day, to improve these documents for editorial purposes post-launching.

Issued by:
James K. Laurent – Associate Protection Officer: Research & Documentation,