Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

The Economic Crimes case number 137 of 2019 against Tito Magoti and Theodory Giyan, was mentioned for the fourth time today at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam before Honourable Resident Magistrate Janet Mtega. Tito and Theodory are being charged with three counts of: Leading Organised Crime, Possessing a Computer Program intended to commit crime and Money Laundering of 17 Million Tanzanian Shillings.

Both accused persons were brought before the court to attend the mentioning of their case. The Republic was represented by State Attorney Wankyo Simon while the defense was represented by a panel of six advocates who were led by Advocate Fulgence Massawe.

THRDC’s Associate Protection Officer: Emergency Supports and Rescue was also present in court to follow up on the case closely.

State Attorney Wankyo Simon told the court that the matter had come for mentioning and that previously on 19th February 2020, the court had ordered the prosecution to shade light on what stage the investigation had reached so far. He stated that the case file is still in police custody for further investigation and that the police will inform the prosecution once the investigation is complete.

Addressing the court, Advocate Fulgence Massawe argued that the defense seeks timely justice and therefore the prosecution has to bring the case file to court. He insisted that the court ought to urge the prosecution to wind up the investigation and bring the case file to the court as soon as possible.

After listening to the argument, Resident Magistrate Janet Mtega instructed the prosecution to complete the investigation and adjourned the case to 18th March 2020.

However, according to the court’s records, on 19th February 2020, the Court had ordered the Republic to adhere to its previous order given on 5th February 2020 that required them to offer an explanation about the exact stage the investigation has reached instead of generally stating that the investigation is still incomplete.


Issued by: Tanzania Human Right Defenders Coalition (THRDC),
4th March 2020