The Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) has received with great sorrow information on the unfortunate death of 5 employees of Azam Media Limited early in the morning on 8th July, 2019, due to a car accident.

Early reports state that the car accident happened early morning around 08:30 AM, at Kizonzo area in between Shelui and Igunga District in Tabora Region as they were traveling from Dar es Salaam region to Mwanza. The car that was carrying the Azam Media team collided with a lorry that was heading to Dar es Salaam and caused the deaths of 7 people (including 5 Employees of Azam Media Ltd) and 3 others were injured.

THRDC would like to wish all survivors who are now hospitalized at Igunga Ward Hospital, a very quick recovery.

THRDC would also like to recognize the contribution of journalists and the whole Azam Media Limited team, in the promotion of the Rights of Human Rights Defenders and human rights in general, through media in Tanzania.

May the Almighty God rest the souls of the deceased in eternal peace. AMEN!

Issued on 8th July 2019
Onesmo Olengurumwa
National Coordinator
Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition

Copy to:
Azam Media Limited Director