Tanzania Human Rights Defenders’ Resource Centre is a multi-media library with relevant human rights facilities, learning materials and publications made available for human rights defenders in Tanzania, students and researchers.

Following the development of the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders’ Coalition’s new Strategic Plan (THRDC’s new Strategic Plan of 2018-2022), the Coalition has developed a Resource Centre for Tanzania Human Rights Defenders to create an enabling environment for HRDs to learn and share various human rights information, reports and publications.
As an umbrella organization with more than one hundred and fifty (150) member organizations and individual HRDs across Tanzania, the Resource Centre will serve as a learning hub for human rights information both online and offline.

Therefore, the Resource Centre constitutes an Online TV (WATETEZI TV), THRDC’s Informative and learning Website, HRDs online training courses, offline library, online library, Human Rights Reports from THRDC members, Human Rights eBooks, Human Rights Audiobooks, Human Rights Documentaries, Human Rights mini-studio, law reports, human rights cases and other human rights publications.

Kigoma Women Development (KIWODE) would like to thank THRDC Secretariat and management in general for every guide that the coalition gives us as an organization. We had a Certificate of Registration rules 1954 named Kigoma Women Development Group, but after your efficient guide, we were able to change this certificate. Our new name is Kigoma Women Development Organization under the certificate of registration from the ministry of community development, gender and children.

We are in rural areas and it’s hard for us to easily get informed. Thanks to THRDC for making it easy for us to receive information from all over the country through training and workshops.

Special Thanks goes to the National Coordinator of THRDC, Mr Onesmo Olengurumwa for his endless support to the KIWODE team. It wouldn’t have been possible without him.KIWODE team promises to work hand in hand in reaching society and performing its duties.

Sophia Patrick
Director - KIWODE, Human Rights

Rationale For The Establishment Of The Resources Centre

THRDC discovered there is a problem of documentation, collection and sharing of human rights data in Tanzania. A number of human rights defenders engage in the promotion and protection of human rights in Tanzania, but there is still a synchronization problem between publication and dissemination of their work. Again many HRDs publish human rights materials, but yet cannot be accessible in a one-stop centre. All these have hindered publicity and visibility of HRDs’ work for a long time. Therefore THRD-RC strives to address the following problems:

The rapid shrinking of HRDs’ media and civic space

The absence of a well-known, dedicated, accessible, reliable and fully furnished human rights defenders’ hub of human rights information

Poor documentation of HRDs’ work

Poor dissemination practices of human rights publications by HRDs

Poor self-learning practices among HRDs

An absence of one-stop learning centre





The main interest of this Coalition is to, inter alia, work towards enhanced security and protection of HRDs in the United Republic of Tanzania. It also intends to strengthen regional and international interventions to protect and promote the rights and responsibilities of HRDs. All that we do is to support the achievement of these goals whereby our priorities are set to achieve the following three outcomes or key result areas – KRAs.

To address the problems above, the Coalition has established the Resources Centre mainly:

To provide readers with resourceful human rights publications

To promote and encourage self-educating practices to THRDC Members

Host Tanzania Watetezi Television an Online Mini-Studio

To serve as a storage and database for internal THRDC publications

To become a one stop center of collected  human rights defenders  reports and publications in all forms

To serve as a hub for HRDs and human right information in Tanzania

To provide a learning space for HRDs in Tanzania

To provide online  security courses  to HRDs in Tanzania