Mr Maxence M. Melo is a well-recognized Champion of Online Freedom of Expression in Tanzania and East Africa. He is also a supporter of Internet Freedom embedded with quality content. Maxence is the Managing Director of Jamii Media Ltd, a company which owns and runs the most visited website in East and Central Africa; the He is currently a new THRDC Board member.

Mr Melo is a Certified Digital Security Expert with ten (10) years of providing consultancies, training, mentorships, and coaching in traditional and new media. His personal attributes are reflected in tireless efforts to promote the culture of transparency, accountability, and openness through and under the slogan “Where We Dare to Talk Openly”.

He is also a founding member of the 255 Netizens, an NGO based in Tanzania advocating for Internet Freedom, Internet Governance and Online Freedom of Expression.

Mr Maxence Melo is a seasoned Civil Engineer by profession with 8 years of experience in the construction industry.