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The Coalition started in 2010 as a loose network of 14 Human Rights NGOs and in 2012 THRDC was formally established as an umbrella organization and since then we have instigated and undertaken a range of human rights projects. Read More

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THRDs-Coalition is comprised of both individual and organizational memberships, whereby as of now The Coalition has more than 160 members who are basically human rights defenders NGOs, individual HRDS in Tanzania (HRDs). Read More

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The mandate of the THRD-Coalition is to protect, empower and support human rights defenders in Tanzania.


The Coalition envisages a free and secured working environment for Human Rights Defenders in Tanzania.


The Coalition strives to maximize the protection, respect and recognition of HRDs in Tanzania through, protection, capacity building and advocacy.


The promotion of deep respect and empathy for defenders and acting in a very responsive, rapid, flexible manner.

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Over 5 Years of Service

150 members
6000 defenders
19 project
5 years
of service

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