martina kabisama

Ms. Martina Kabisama
Executive Director, SAHRiNGON & Board Chairperson

Ms Martina Kabisama – BOARD CHAIRPERSON

Executive Director, SAHRiNGON

Martina Mnenegwa Kabisama is a National Coordinator of Southern Africa Human Rights NGO Network (SAHRiNGON) Tanzania Chapter. Apart from Chairing the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition, She is also a chair of the National Coalitions of Global Call to Action (GCAP), Tanzania Consortium of Civil Society in Election and Observation (TACCEO). Board member of Policy Forum Tanzania and The Vice President of YWCA Tanzania. National Social Watch Falk Person and also a Member of a Global Social Watch Coordination Committee.

She is a Gender and human Rights activist. Runs programs which advocate and promote human rights for all. Builds Capacity on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Campaigns for GCAP, MDGs and Against Death Penalty. Engages in Social accountability activities like Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) and Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Mechanism. She is an international facilitator on Nonviolence approach to Conflict Management. She has been mobilizing the Tanzania Human rights NGO and others to collectively work together. She is the champion of Tamar Campaign (A campaign of breaking the silence on rape) in the country under YWCA. And an excellent facilitator on ant- FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) with the approach of Alternative Rites of Passage.

Martina M. Kabisama has a vast experience in senior Administration and Management posts for over 20 years. Previously apart from being a Secondary school Teacher she worked with a Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) for over 15 years heading three different departments including one autonomy institution for 9 years. Under the employment with the CCT she was given extra responsibility of being a Northern and Southern Africa Christian Training/Learning Institution (ACLCA) Coordinator (For six years) and later the Africa Vice President for Africa ACLCA for five years.

For eleven years (1996- 2007) Mrs Kabisama served as a Vice Chairperson of The Board of Directors of Tanzania Bible Society (BST) and the Chairperson of the BST Executive Committee for seven years.

She has also served as a Vice Chairperson of The Fellowship of National Council of Churches of the eastern Africa and Horn of Africa (FECLAHA) for four years. Under this capacity she was extensively involved in peace iniatives around the region and chaired some high profile related meetings around the region.

Mrs Kabisama is a holder of Master Degree in International Management and Policy in Education (MEd) from the University of Birmingham. She has attended many Certificates, diplomas and short courses in (Just few to mention) Management (including Finance Management), Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Peace Building, conflict Management, Gender, Governance (PETS), Taxation and Nonviolence approach to conflict and violence.