The efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of any organization depend on – among other things – how it is organized internally and externally. And adherence to the principles of good governance is paramount.

In view of this, THRD-Coalition commits itself to investing in capable and skilled people that can fund-raise effectively (an innovative fundraising strategy is already in place), as well as carry out planned activities professionally and on time.

The coalition will ensure improved governance at all levels of administration, including the financial systems. At present, there is a well-established documentation system, and programs are routinely and efficiently monitored and evaluated.

To achieve this THRD-Coalition will deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Ensure the availability of competent, capable people within the organization, and evaluate and improve performance.
  2. Ensure optimal organizational development and good management.
  3. Ensure the availability of adequate financial resources and improve financial management.
  4. Establish further processes to ensure improved good governance.
  5. Ensure that a functioning monitoring and evaluation system and baseline indicators are in place.