Get Involved!

Human rights issues are something that every citizen should be concerned with, care about, and should be involved in. the THRDC alone cannot accomplish each and everything in defending and protecting those that defend human rights.

The THRDC is an organization of ordinary people, but highly spirited in the zeal to improve governance and human rights in Tanzania. There are many ways that others can be involved, and this is highly encouraged, and it is through becoming a member and add a voice and enthusiasm to this just cause.

Sponsor a local campaign

The best way is to look across, up, and to those who have turned their back to the noble cause of justice. These have to be involved in taking some action, for instance, sponsoring a victim or a victim’s family, or by being  creative and welcoming and letting other people who knows well about the human rights situation in Tanzania through mobilizing them to take concrete actions, to express their concern and support the victims.

Write appeals

The THRDC appeals to well wishers to write letters of concern to the government and institutions; in calling for the improvement of the human rights situation in Tanzania.


Any donation, no matter how small, will go a long way to support the programs, projects and practical needs of the victims and/or their families and their respective organizations. Donations can also contribute to the ability of the Coalition’s capacity to reach out more to the international community which, in turn, would ultimately translate and agitate this into action, and add more support for the work and needs of Tanzanian networks of partners.

In learning more about how you can participate or become a member, please contact us