Mr Ernest Kimaya Njama Former Chairperson, Tanzania Albino Society

Mr Ernest Kimaya Njama
Former Chairperson,
Tanzania Albino Society

Mr Ernest Kimaya Njama – BOARD MEMBER

Former Chairman, Tanzania Albino Society (TAS)

A soft spoken human rights activist is not soft when defending the rights of persons with albinism. He has conducted many campaigns in this bid including advocacy through media outlets and lobbying to people of various social status.
He is the former chairman of the Tanzania Albino Society (TAS),served for TAS from 2000 up to date; prior to that he had served as vice chairman this organization since 1995-1999.

Mr Kimaya was honored by the American Embassy in Dar es Salaam in 2009 when he was awarded the Martin Luther King, on behalf of persons with albinism in recognition of their work in a peaceful fighting against elimination of persons with albinism in Tanzania.

He has been in the forefront through lobbying support from the media, NGOs, influential people and even the international community in the bid to stop once and for ever heinous killings of persons with albinism and other inhumane misdeeds in the communities. Tanzania has more than 200,000 albinos in a population of 40 million, according to statistics that were issued in 2008, by TAS, the advocacy association.

His background as a business personnel did not stop him hinder him to become a full time advocate of the struggles against misguided killings which were promulgated within the handicaps of the lust for money and self enrichment by using witchcraft. The practice has to a large extent been stopped through continuous advocacy by TAS and other supportive like Under The Same Sun (UTSS), currently under the strong command of Ms Vicky Ntetema one of the staunch and founding members of the THRDC.