The Coalition conducts advocacy through networks focusing on and targeting particular audiences in order to gain support. These are human rights organizations and networks. The THRDs will also increase their visibility through documentation, press releases, studies, reports, statements, etc., as well as other actions like country visits and institutional events.

THRDs will be discussing frequently with the government and other CSOs in order to let them have a better understanding of what human rights defenders do. There will be a creation of a HRD calendar to enhance the visibility of HRD actions to allow people to be more aware and appreciate their actions.

In order to facilitate transnational advocacy networks, the network needs to have common values and principles, access to information and be able to effectively use that information, believe their efforts will cause change and effectively frame their values. By using facts, state and non-state actors can use that viable information to pressure human rights violators.

To achieve this aim, THRD-Coalition plans to work towards accomplishing the following OUTPUTS:-

  1. Engage the parliament and the government for improvement and enactment of the laws and policies for human rights defenders.
  2. International advocacy for ratification and domestication of international human rights instruments.
  3. Advocacy for strengthening the capacity of law enforcers to address human rights defender according to law.
  4. Improving HRDs solidarity and networking both at National and International levels